Magento value declaration

The slogan of the company “Designed to grow, built for flexibility” is “Designed for growth, designed for flexibility”. But what does this mean? This platform gives users a great opportunity to grow their business the way they want. Online store owners can start their business with basic functions, but as the business develops, they can switch to a more advanced version of the platform.

What about platform flexibility? Here, too, everything is true, since Magento is open source, which allows you to integrate any extension or module. There are many plugins and extensions for this platform. If your business needs something special, then you can hire a developer who will create a custom module for you from scratch according to your requirements.

Often, customers ask for plugins and modules integration.

For example, it became possible to integrate Maxpay into all online stores on Magento. This extension helps to use any credit cards from any country for payment. This extension works with any device and supports almost all currencies. Maxpay cooperates with the largest banks in Europe, USA, Canada, Great Britain and Asia.

An extension has been created that increases the number of functions in the online store and gives the business additional value. Targeting specific requirements, the extension provides even more payment options and can be added to any Magento online store.

In addition, a prototype of an online store on Magento 2 was created. In this project, we have implemented the following functions: blog, product comparison, “order a call back” function, several payment methods, delivery information, product availability and design on one page. Our vision includes a clean and simple design, informative home page, and high converting product pages.

What is Magento’s market share?
In the image you can see that about 4.55% of all online stores are created on this platform, making it the fourth most popular online platform. At the moment, about 141.800 online stores have been created on it.
about 4.55% of all online stores are created on Magento

However, Magento has strong competitors. But it is important to understand that in an online business environment, there are no better or worse platforms, since each business has different needs and budget, so the choice of a platform depends on many factors.

Advantages of using Magento over the competition
In order to use other Shopify, WooCommerce or BigCommerce platforms, you don’t need any help from professional e-commerce developers.

It is for this reason that these platforms are so popular among small companies and newcomers to online sales. At the same time, Shopify, WooCommerce, and BigCommerce are not the best choices in the long run. If you are going to develop and expand your online store, you need a professional and personalized solution.

Online business development

Magento is suitable for online stores with over 500 products and their variations. You can use this platform even before the development of your online store.

Open source

Magento is open source, but Shopify is a commercial product and users need to pay a monthly fee. Unlike Magento, Shopify provides hosting to users, so you don’t need to set it up yourself. However, if you want to change the platform, you will have problems because of the hosting.

Extensive feature set

When comparing Magento to other vendors, we can’t miss the fact that Magento provides free online store features. For example, thanks to this platform, you get product personalization, product grouping and customer reviews absolutely free. At the same time, to add the same amount of functionality to your WooCommerce online store, you will need to buy additional extensions.


The BigCommerce platform gives users limited options to personalize their online store. Users cannot change the functionality of the shopping cart and the user’s path. The only thing that users can add to their online store is a new design, while Magento gives users freedom to me almost every element of the site.

Your choice of online platform should depend on the requirements of your business and the size of your company.

Therefore, we have compiled a list of small tips for newbies to online trading so that you can choose the perfect platform and avoid disappointments in the future.

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